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Discover mariaE’s Postoperative Lipo and BBL package, specially formulated for a comfortable recovery after Liposuction and BBL surgery.

This package contains all the products needed to reduce pain and swelling so you can focus on a hassle-free recovery.1. MARIAE BACKBOARD: This anatomically shaped backboard from MariaE not only provides comfort but also has several benefits. It prevents fluid build-up and reduces the risk of fibrosis and seroma formation. Thanks to its anatomical design, no open spaces are created, making it both functional and comfortable. 2. MARIAE ABBOARD: The Abboard is specially designed to be worn on the abdomen after liposuction or abdominoplasty. This board reduces swelling and prevents fluid accumulation for a smoother recovery. (Important: only use after a tummy tuck when the incisions are completely healed!) 3. QDE MEDICAL QUALITY LIPOFOAM FELLS: These post-operative foam sheets are made of high-quality medical polyurethane. They are wonderfully soft to the touch and easy to bend for a perfect fit. These sheets form a soft barrier between the compression garment and sensitive skin, enhancing comfort. In addition, they can be cut to size for optimal fitting. With this complete package of high-quality products, you get the comfortable and effective support you need after your procedure. Combine the use of these products with a post-operative STAGE 2 FAJA for optimal results and to combat fluid retention. This specially designed FAJA will provide the perfect pressure and compression, giving you the best possible results during your recovery process. Included in this packaget: – 1x MARIAE Backboard (TQ104)

– 1x MARIAE Flex Abboard (TQ105)
– 3x QDE medical grade Lipofoam sheets

Choose the Price Advantage of this Postoperative Lipo and BBL Package from mariaE and give yourself the best care during your recovery period. Trust the expertise of mariaE and enjoy a flawless recovery process with our high-quality products.



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