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MariaE’s brand new anatomically shaped Ab-board is an indispensable ally for seamless recovery after abdominoplasty or liposuction!

After a tummy tuck or liposuction, it is crucial to apply even pressure. This ensures to minimize fluid accumulation and control inflammation. This is important for optimal results and promoting the adhesion of muscle tissue to the skin. MariaE’s TQ105 Abboard offers all this and more. It fits seamlessly to your contoured body and guarantees comfort during your post-operative recovery process. Wearing this TQ105 Abboard by MariaE is invaluable for a smooth recovery. It is highly recommended to wear after an abdominal liposuction procedure or after a tummy tuck. Keep in mind that after a tummy tuck, you should wait until your incision is completely healed. After this, you can only start using the Ab-board!

MariaE’s TQ105 Abboard offers several benefits: Prevents fluid buildup: MariaE’s TQ105 Abboard is designed toprevent fluid buildup, which often occurs after abdominoplasty or liposuction.Prevents a Faja (compression garment) from folding into your skin: This adds to the comfort and effectiveness of your recovery process. It is anatomically shaped and covers the entire abdominal (belly) area.

The ab-Board firm and flexible at the same time, meeting your needs. Helps Prevent Fibrosis and Seromas: Constant use of this TQ105 Ab-Board reduces the risk of fibrosis and seromas, promoting recovery. Measuring 38 x 30 cm, the Ab-board provides ample coverage, allowing you to feel subtle during your recovery. If you have also undergone a liposuction procedure on your back or a Lipo/BBL. Then you can seamlessly combine this Anatomical Ab-Board with MariaE’s anatomical backboard for comprehensive and effective post-operative care.

Allow yourself to experience the best support on the way to a full, comfortable and successful recovery process.


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