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The MKBM Cellulite Cups help you stimulate blood flow in order to drain waste products more easily, but also massage the adhered fat deposits loose.

The treatment is not painless, but who wants to be beautiful… The advantage of the MKBM Cellulite Cups is that you can do it yourself on your own time. You can use MKBM Cellulite Cups to treat your problem areas daily to visibly reduce cellulite.

  • Visibly reduces the effect of cellulite
  • Drains moisture and waste in problem areas
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 4 different sizes in a set of cups
Use of MKBM Motivation Cellulite Cups:

Generously lubricate the skin of the problem area with oil.
Choose the right size cup (the larger the area, the larger the cup).
Press the top of the cup firmly with both thumbs.
Place the cup on the skin.
Slide the cup over the skin using circular and zigzagging motions. Start with 1 minute per zone and build up to 7 minutes per zone. Repeat this treatment every other day and build up to once a week once you achieve the desired results.


Do not use the Cups for: * High fever * Heart disease * Arrhythmia * General malaise * Hemophilia * During breastfeeding * Malignant tumors * Defective skin * Chronic eczema * Muscle spasm * Neurological disorders * Not over varicose veins * Excessive histamine (skin reaction accompanied by itching)

Sizes cups: Cup 1 Diameter opening cup: 6.9cm Width: 10cm Height: 7.5cm Cup 2 Diameter opening cup: 5.2cm Width: 7.6cm Height: 5.9cm Cup 3 Diameter opening cup: 4cm Width: 6cm Height: 4.5cm Cup 4 Diameter opening cup: 3cm Width: 4.6cm Height: 3.4cm


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