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QueenyDollsEmpire is a Netherlands-based distributor of compression garments sourced from Colombia. The reason we chose Colombia is because the Colombian textile industry has continuously innovated over the past two decades to elaborate compression garments that help women, as well as men, get a shapely body.

This process has gone hand in hand with plastic surgery, which has shown the same trend in Colombia, as well as in other Latin American countries, the Americas and Europe.

We also sell an extensive collection of different high-quality postoperative products that contribute to postoperative recovery.

Our aim is to ensure that ladies and gentlemen who use or wear our products can always look their best and feel comfortable. But also be able to offer the convenience of a wide range of post-operative products, which are essential after plastic surgery.

The collection we offer consists of a variety of different Colombian brands and designs. This allows us to ensure that we have the right compression garment or product for every person, aesthetic treatment or occasion.

We also offer excellent customer service. You can reach us daily by phone or WhatsApp or drop by our shop for questions about our products, advice or help picking out the right product or size. We want to offer our customers that extra bit of service.


The success of Colombia’s Faja

Colombian Faja’s success is linked to the fabric from which this unique shapewear is made. Namely, the “Powernet Mesh” fabric. The manufacturers of the Faja brands we sell specialise in using this fabric to develop high-quality Faja that allows you to feel comfortable in any situation.

Our brands

Whether you are looking for a post-operative Faja, shapewear for during your sports workout, your pregnancy/post-partum, or for the moment where you want to look your best? The Colombian Faja brands we sell offer plenty of choices for every moment.

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